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Freddie is a year-old Irish businessman, public school and Oxbridge - and a total delight. I am seriously impressed at how well Kate websitte matched us. But when Freddie mentions that of his six children, four are under 19, I realise that he is not for me. If you go on a date, you feel you should impress; if mutual friends drawing down the moon dating website arranged the date, you feel pressure on their behalf.

Their international list includes CEOs and tycoons and the fee rises in relationship to your demands: Situated in Knightsbridge, Seventy Thirty is more formal than the other agencies. Lemarc Thomas, the managing director, is a gentle but determined Cupid, and the rich beat a path to his door from as far away as Canada and America. Swiss dating site in english suave Lemarc has a background in psychology, asks about my relationship drawing down the moon dating website, my ideal man, my career, taste in music as well as travel and holiday preferences.

Before Lemarc calls with some prospective candidates, I visit Drawinng Mooney, who established Sara Eden in Its offices in London and Windsor are filled with pictures of happy couples. Karen shows me folders of testimonials and I am allowed to choose my prospective date myself. She gives me a few pre-selected CVs with photos to peruse, too.

My selection includes a banker, a doctor — and a bike-racer. He strikes me as much younger than his 66 years, boasts dark good looks, and the couple of hours we spend together over brunch flies by. I am surprised at how easy it is to talk to total strangers when you have gone through the introductory process. My next date is with Jonathan, the man Lemarc Dawing has chosen for me. He is the most attractive man russian lady dating far, a former financier in his drawing down the moon dating website sixties.

The first step is to look for one that is a member of a self-regulating trade association, such as the Association of British Introduction Agencies ABIA. Its code of conduct, which has been welcomed by the Office of Fair Trading, includes protection for mmoon customers of agencies datting shut down suddenly: Balfour says the following questions may also help potential customers to choose the company most likely to fulfil websitf needs: Operators of these often quote the total franchise membership rather than that of their own business.

Drawing down the moon dating website says many clients like to see details wesbite other members without having their own viewed first, although they soon realise everyone webite in the same boat. If you find the idea of a one-to-one introduction too intimidating, several new agencies offer the drawing down the moon dating website to share the occasion.

There are dinners, or speed-dating where you spend a couple of minutes with one person to mooj a superficial, physical assessment before moving to the next. Cash readers have reviewed these services opposite. Weebsite this all sounds too mercenary to end in romance, there are still plenty of cheap or free services. The Observer's Soulmates adverts have a good success record - see opposite for the way one reader got on. Or you can try free internet odwn, such as www.

Rules of engagement Check that the agency is a member of the ABIA Ask how many wbsite you can reasonably expect within your selected age range and area. Persevere with your membership - success doesn't happen overnight. Be sensible - meet up for a quick drink or cup of coffee rather than committing to a long evening. Treat others as you would like to be treated - be polite but honest. Join an agency using a PO Box number. Join an agency using a premium rate telephone number.

Join an agency that refuses to give details of fees on the phone or in their literature.

Drawing Down the Moon

Drawing Down the Moon – Dating Agency Review

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