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Dating Someone In A Different Military Branch

Typically newly wed couples new to the military who live on different bases as their first tour assignment, may not differebt together for a few years dating dinner parties johannesburg they complete their assignment. However, single dating sites canada they enter into JOIN SPOUSE and apply for an overseas billet together, the likelihood of that transfer in a few years will be more possible for the couple to serve together.

Housing Military couples stationed together can live off-base and receive a dating someone in a different military branch allowance, or can give up the housing allowance and live free in on-base family housingjust as members married to a civilian can. If there are no other dependents childreneach member is treated mllitary "single" for housing allowance purposesand each will receive the single-rate Basic Allowance for Housing BAH for their rank and assignment location.

If there are children, one member receives the with-dependent rate, and the other member receives the single rate. In most cases, the couples choose the senior-ranking member to receive the "with dependent" rate, as it means more money. If there are no dependents, each member is considered "single" as far as housing allowance when not stationed together. For example, if a married couple with no children join the military together, neither will receive a housing allowance while undergoing basic training and job training because each one is living in the barracks at basic and job training locations.

This scenario is unlikley, as it requires a very-hard-to-get waiver for a couple with children to both join the military. The Markets both PFCs in the Army are assigned together at an Army Post in Texas. They have no children, and are living off-base. Both are receiving single-rate housing allowance. One of the members, Sally gets orders for a month remote unaccompanied tour to Korea.

While in Korea, Sally loses her housing allowance because she is living in the barracks there. John, still stationed in Texas and living in their off-base house while she is gone, will continue to receive his single-rate housing allowance. The same applies to military-married-to-military, except: Payment shall be made to the member whose orders resulted in the separation.

If both members receive orders requiring departure on the same day, then payment will go to the senior member. Care of Children Dependents Military couples with children must develop a "family care plan" that details exactly what the care arrangements are in the event that both members must deploy. He is afraid that I am going to find another guy who is a Marine and fall for him, etc, etc.

So I do not know what to do. There xifferent a lot more I could say, but this is already pretty long. Please, give me plenty of advice. Just some observations from what Mens dating tips seeing Just because he didn't have the testicular fortitude to go into the Marine Corps doesn't mean that you shouldn't.

There is no garuntee that you'll recieve a duty station anywhere near him following your MOS school. Even if you did, the chances of you seeing brandh anymore than weekends is greatly diminished, no matter what MOS best cougar dating site london choose. I married a Marine while I was still in, dating someone in a different military branch were in the same company, we bramch together although our command seperated us while deployed and then she recieved orders to Okinawa.

To make a long story short, I chose our marriage over continuing my carrer in the Marine Corps. I got out and she re-enlisted to get out of the unaccompanied tour to Okinawa. Now it that was a decision I had to make with me being married to a Marine in the same unit as I was, what kind of decision do you think you're going to have to make with your husband being in a completely different service?

Just trying to give you perspective here. You may be on one of the bigger bases differnet Camp Fallujah where an infantry unit is co-located but militarj ever expect to set foot anywhere near one of their units. It is few dating someone in a different military branch far between that an infantry unit even sees a female during their deployment so ib get it in your head that you're going to be working with them.

Do you really think a Marine was so bored that they'd create such an extensive profile and write such a lengthy message if it wasn't real? Try helping and teaching these young civilians instead of criticizing and calling them liars. I should have done some investigation first; once I did, I realized I might have missed that one. THAT AINT IT You're 17 freaking years old.

Second, why are you letting someone dictate how you live your life? Are you seriously going to give up this dream of becoming a Marine for a guy? Is he really worth living a life that your not happy with? If you do decide not to join to be with him, you're going to look back 10 years from now when you have 8 crib midgets and say to yourself I skipped out someonee the greatest thing in the world for this?

If he loves you or whatever, he should support you in this not put you down. Statistically it will fail. Wait until you have at least one enlistment done before tieing the know. He is a week, insecure, controlling little bum. Of course he doesn't want you in the Corps. All his buds will laugh at him for having a chick with more sack than he has. His ego can't handle that. Yes he is afraid you will find some one else.

You will be around a bunch of Men, not boy scouts with pretty blue uniforms.

Married Couples In The Military


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