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Since most pick-up lines are delivered male-to-female, the rest of this post will assume that you are a guy trying to impress a girl. Before You Start… Traditionally, pick-up lines are seen as ineffective and juvenile — and in any other context, they are. But on Tinder, best joke for online dating rules are different. Since Tinder has become the de facto standard for mobile hookups, pick-up lines are actually somewhat necessary. Best joke for online dating all, you need an icebreaker, but not just any icebreaker.

You need something quick, to the point, and something that ideally makes the other person laugh. Advertisement Enter the pick-up line. In most cases, that means a casual fling or something similar. She swiped right for you. Long story short, that first impression has to be spectacular. Here are some examples. The Pick-Up Lines Sometimes being honest and straightforward is the best way to go.

Rather than presenting the other person a single line that they can either accept or reject wholesale, you might fair better if you get them actively engaged with a miniature guessing game and pull a plot twist on them at the end. Creativity can be the difference between a Yes and a No. The above exchange is little more than asking for a phone number, but the execution is novel.

Another example of a straightforward phone number request masked with unexpected creativity. Start the Convo With a GIF A GIF is an easy and amusing way to start a conversation on a dating app. GIFs are funny and flirtatious. Many online daters pay compliments to personal appearance, so you can set yourself apart by complimenting a pet or a hobby.

The Virtual Dating Assistants ViDA gives a great example of best joke for online dating right way to give praise: How long have you two been together? Is he jealous of newcomers? All these elements combined create a memorable and appealing introduction. The tone in this conversation is playful, which is what you want in those initial messages. A little banter can endear someone to you and lead to a fruitful relationship based on good laughs.

Bait a Date With a Good Pun I know a lot of people groan at the mere mention of a pun, but hear me out. And pizza is delicious. A clever quip can win someone over online. Zoosk suggests something simple like: Is that joke immature? If you ask me, list of 10 best dating sites little wordplay is just good foreplay. And some of them are pretty fantastic.

Here are a few good examples: All you need are best joke for online dating magic words from the wizarding world. You can find more funny one-liners for Potterheads here. After matching on a dating app, Travis wrote the following first message:

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