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How is this influencing you? Are you still independent? Have you had to give up anything? Does a husband and wife with parallel yet independent ministries matter? What does submission mean? Do you truly believe Christianity is possible? What things will most taint your sex life? What is the importance of openness with your mate? If there were, would you accept that? How dating counseling questions nakedness in sex relate to any of this?

Dating counseling questions the face of two people in love, what tells you they are in love? What does being married to Christ entail for you? In what ways are you falling short of this? How do you expect your spouse to help you in this? Can you progress in your union with Christ while your mate does not? Drum beat dating site a successful marriage or satisfying marriage top your list of desires in your dating counseling questions What do you want your marriage to ultimately be?

Does your spouses salvation at all depend on you? Define the Christian lifestyle you want your spouse to see in you? What speed 2 dating do you believe sex are intended to teach us in marriage? What does it mean for the husband to be the head of the house? What distracts you from cleaving to your mate?

How are you investing in the life of your mate? How does Christian community affect marriage? What if it is wishy-washy, bland and fake? What if it is real? Can you distinguish between the two? Dating counseling questions you willing to change to accommodate in this area? Can you say your mate sees the God of eternity in you? Why or why not? What if you feel called to something but your mate does not?

What will bring the greatest joy to your marriage? What does it mean to be compatible? Is your response in line with Scripture? We purposefully wanted to ask all our questions BEFORE we got engaged. Plus, after you get engaged—all you think about is planning a wedding. If you do have different accounts, who will be responsible for which expenses? Who will pay the bills? Do you agree to have full financial disclosure about each of your dating counseling questions financial situation at all times?

How will strong dating counseling questions about spending money be resolved? Is there any debt that either partner has incurred before the marriage ex. What amount of available money does each of you need to have to feel comfortable? Will there be a savings plan dating counseling questions the first house?

Do you plan to keep trading houses as you can afford it? How much credit card debt or home equity loan debt is acceptable? Agreement about taking care of financial needs of parents if likely? Do you dating counseling questions to send your kids to private or parochial school? When do you hope to dating counseling questions savings for retirement?

Will you use a financial planner? Parents and In-laws A. How much time does each of you need to spend with your parents and how much do you expect your partner to join you? How do you plan to spend holidays? What will be the holiday expectations of each of your dating counseling questions and how will you deal with those expectations? What kind of support do you expect from your partner when the parents are putting pressure on you?

Is it OK for either dating counseling questions you to talk with parents about the problems of the relationship? What kind of relationship do you expect your kids to have with your parents? Do you anticipate that you will ever want a parent to live with the two of you when you grow old? Gender Role Expectations A. What did your parents model for you concerning who did what in the family? Did you feel that was fair and do you expect something different? Does each of you have some preferences that might be unrelated to gender?

How will you deal with household or yard maintenance? How will you divvy up these dating counseling questions or hire someone? Do both of you expect to work if you have children? When the children get sick, how do you decide who stays home with them? Do you agree on issues around erotic moments together? How often do you want to enjoy an intimate evening with each other? How do you intend to resolve differences in sexual preferences? Can you work out an agreement about how to deal with differences in frequency of sexual questions to ask a guy online dating Are there certain things that are clearly off limits?

Do you agree to talk about your sexual concerns at a time when you both are feeling creative and relaxed and not during sex? How will you resolve heated conflicts? What can you learn about how your partner likes to deal with conflict based on their experience in their family of origin. What feels comfortable to each of you, as your partner gets upset? Can either of you ask for a time out to calm down and be creative in your problem-solving? What rituals will you develop to reach out to each other after a big fight?

What does spirituality mean to each of you?

Asking the Right Questions: The Case for Pre-Engagement Counseling

Ask the Tough Questions About Your Relationship

Should we have a dating counseling questions. How do you think about exercise and healthy eating. What will our guidelines be for the kids. What signs of affection will you show them. What are your views of daycare for children. Where will you buy clothes: Entertainment How much money should we spend on entertainment. Work Who is the main breadwinner. Friends Is it good to do things qurstions friends but without spouse. What signs of affection will you show them. What signs of affection will you show them? How much to the church. How do you think about exercise and healthy eating. What kind of neighborhood.

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