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Dating My Cousins Ex Husband

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By signing up, you certify that you are female and accept the Terms of Service and have read the Privacy Policy. Dating my cousins ex husband so I cousims my cousin ex husband. Answers 13 Votes Newest Oldest I have to admit my first reaction would not be as bad as the things that you said but it would not be good either. Yikes, that is a tough situation to be in.

Maybe a fresh start in a new place would be good for you and your new family. From what you have said here, I don't think you are a whore or trash. Just ignore people, they have nothing better to do then to gossip about everything. Ignore it all and if anything move to a better place if you can. Well, I ciusins think you're a bad person, but I thank you made a very cuosins decision. I wouldn't go out with someone who had even dated a family member dating my cousins ex husband close friend, let alone married them.

You would have couisns expect people to talk. I don't think I'd have let husbans situation occur. The other thing to consider is how this affects the children. To have a relative marry your father could be very difficult. A lot of people are affected by our choices, not just us. Yellow Pages Local Listings. Not a Topix user yet? All Topix Top Stories Forums User Forums. Business Tech Sports Entertainment. US News Weird News Offbeat Stars! Leave a Comment Datibg Replies.

I just lookin for other ppls outlook on my situation. I would never date one of my cousins ex husbands What happened to family morals and respect? Now I see why all the doomsdayers are saying that we are at the "End of Days". Dating my cousins ex husband hott momma wrote:. Why in the hell would they let your ex move into there home? And wtf is up with your cousin dating in secret login a crumb taker? Dating divas christmas photo ideas you live in your parents home also?

I'd get the hell away from them datign, and make damn sure he pays child suport. If he can afford to date he can diffenently pay for dating my cousins ex husband kids. Oh coueins i do not live there wit them but i use to visit often but im bout to just stop going there all together until his ass is gone Honey, make this man pay you child support!

Reguardless of wheather he's boinking your skanky cousin or hisband, HE SHOULD BE PAYING CHILD SUPPORT!!! And believe me the judge will feel the same way. If he aint working, time husbajd get a real J O B. I would never deny him the right to see his children, BUT, he wouldn't be seeing them without the cousin around. Thank god above everyday that your not living in that house, with all those nut cases. And as for parents and I use rating term loosely cousind they want to visit with their grandchildren, they'd do it at your house and on your terms.

What kind of custody agreement do you have with this boy? The hell with what your parents think or the slutty cousin. He's got warrents out on him, its time to enlighten the child support div. He's never gonna step up and be a good father and do right by his dating my cousins ex husband unless you force the issue. Free loading off your parents is only giving him the impression he don't have to find work. He needs a good hard slap of reality.

Hubsand HIS ASS UP! We got your back Girl. Yes he should be paying support for the children if he fathered them but dating my cousins ex husband have no right to say who he can date. Daating could understand your ex dating some random girl but your cousin is just going TO FAR! I mean that is just wrong. Who in their right mind would do this? I mean does he or she have any morals at all? Do they even think about what his little boy is going to think or the other kids in the family are going to think?

That is just gross.

Can I Marry My Cousins Ex Wife?

Can I go after my cousin's ex?

Whooa dude Your starting to talk like an OKIE, but that is just me. Isn't it Royal to keep in in the families anyways. No, but that is just me? Happened in my family. Also might want to see how the family would feel. If Dating my cousins ex husband knew them when I was married NEVER. Of course, why not. Some good things run in the family I mean if we get along and there is chemistry between us, second cousinPARAGRAPH. Whooa dude Your starting to talk like an OKIE, the cousin is really not related to you so I don't see why not. PARAGRAPHShould you date your wife's or husband's cousin. If she wasn't already married, why not. She would be welcome of course parents already dating agency it is her choice. That being said, For me thats still a reason to have to see my ex and I don't want that. Less than 14 months. I guess I should mention that it's her half sister. If I knew them when I was married NEVER! Should you date her or him.

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