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As I left the office that day, I casually remarked to my friends and family "I'm off to meet the man that I'm going to marry tonight. The day after the event, I received notification that Austin and I were a "match. Our personalities just seemed to complement each other and things fell into place. I could not believe that I had actually found someone that genuinely enjoys my off kilter sense of humor and has the ability to make me laugh just as hard in turn.

I could not believe that I had actually met someone that I could truly consider a partner in life. Pre-Dating enabled me the opportunity to meet that elusive nice Chinese boy and now, he is in fact, going to be the man that I marry. Exactly one year from the date we met, Austin proposed to me. We plan to get married in the Spring of !! Linda and Austin Las Vegas, NV I had never been to any event like Pre-Dating before.

I was the first nice speed dating there, so I nice speed dating badge 1. I was seated at a table with the first male attendee. He looked about nice speed dating nervous as I did! I sat down, nice speed dating we briefly said hello to each other. We began to talk and I said that I was a substitute teacher, and he mentioned that he was in the airforce. I knew I would check the "yes" box. I received an e-mail from him 2 days later.

We began dating and absolutely fell in love nice speed dating each other. We have now officially set the day pond of fish dating our marriage! We are getting married on January 8, Thank you so nice speed dating for allowing me dating theater meet the man of my dreams!!! Nicole Kansas City, MO On August 20th, we attended a Pre-Dating function at Barley's Brewhaus in Overland Nice speed dating, KS.

We both attended the event with a friend, to ease our nerves about meeting new people. We had a great time and enjoyed meeting new people. As fate would have it the four of us matched one another. So off on a double date we went. We attended a gallery opening and had dinner. The following week we had our first official date, and have been dating ever since. This summer we celebrated our one-year anniversary by taking a weekend get-a-way.

We are now very much in love, and we want to thank Pre-Dating for bringing nice speed dating together. We are looking forward to the upcoming years. We will let you know how it goes… Amy Kansas City, MO We met at a "speed dating" event on the plaza. Speed dating is when you spend one night talking to different people for 6 minutes each. We believe it was fate that we met, because several things had to be overcome for us to even be at the event.

We had an instant connection during that first 6 minutes of conversation and luckily, we both decided that we wanted to see each other nice speed dating. The next day, after getting our list of matches you only get contact info if you both want to talk againwe were in contact by email. Two days later, we had our first date, and were hot and heavy from there on out. WHEN WE GOT ENGAGED July 26, HOW IT HAPPENED True to his nice speed dating nature, Bill had a detailed plan for his proposal.

He wanted to make it a novel event so Steph would remember it for all time. After a few weeks of deliberation, nice speed dating came up with a plan Then the couples can decide whether they want to schedule another date. The event also shows how the library can be a community space, she said. He went on a speed date with her anyway, and left once he accomplished that goal. Some speed dates, though, have led to fairy-tale endings. Getzschman said she knew of three couples who met at past events and are nice speed dating married.

The unions have produced two children so far. Speed dating match Kenny Champoux, 45, and Trisha Champoux, nice speed dating, are expecting a baby girl in April. When Trisha entered the speed dating event in February she had no expectations of meeting her future husband. Although Trisha was intimidated by the idea, she thought rushing through 30 first dates would let her dip her toe back in the dating pool. Kenny, a retirement plan administrator, was the last person Trisha spoke with that night.

She remembered him telling her about his family and how some of them lived overseas like her. Kenny was struck by nice speed dating smile and how much energy she still had at the end of the event. The second super fun night online dating they met, the couple stayed talking at a restaurant so long they were the only people left there, and Trisha drove home thinking Kenny would be the man she would marry. About nine months after they met, Kenny proposed to Trisha in front of the W.

The library is still a large part of their lives, and Kenny said he is excited to soon share books with their daughter.

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