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Dating A Patient Family Member

I do agree that the sicker a patient is, the more the pendulum of power swings towards the nurse. The more the nurse is responsible for completing for the patient - that a normal healthy person could do for themselves - the more a false sense of need could arise. However, since all relationships in my opinion have some inbalance of power I don't think it makes it unethical to pursue one simply since that inbalance exists.

Is there a point where it is so great that it would be immoral? If so what is that point and how eating nursing create or foster it? Quote from heron The six-months-to-a-year is just a guideline How would one go about developing a relationship that you know datign going to wait for 6 months to a year? How do you tell someone you like them but don't want to see them until 12 months have passed? Personally, I think that if the connection was that compelling, it would survive a "cooling off" famoly after the professional relationship ended.

It's the situations that are not so pure and honorable that are of concern here. Nurses are human, and we all memebr our dark side Our patients did not sign up to daing exploited financially, emotionally, socially or sexually You a right that safeguards should be in place to prevent exploitation. I understand and appreciate where you are coming from.

However, are you not taking this a bit TOO seriously? After all, isn't the purpose of this thread and others to bring about non-judgmental discussions by all parties involved regarding this issue? Although not a Nurse and I do NOT play one on tv As an embedded information professional working with Nursing mdmberI too am bound by policies and procedures when dealing with both, especially females. Does that mean that I am EXTRA-CAREFUL when so doing? Our facility has a policy dealing with fraternization between professors and students if the student is taking a course the professor is teaching.

That dating a patient family member been said, I was working with dating a patient family member soon-to-be graduating RN student to help her improve a paper dating an old family friend had written so she could pass a given course at the faculty member's requestand graduate that semester. We worked together very closely and I became dating a patient family member fond of her, although Memger happened until AFTER graduation, when I asked her to lunch one afternoon with my wife's full knowledge beforehand.

She, another former female student and I have become fast friends and have met numerous times for lunch dating a patient family member, with my wife's full knowledge beforehand. We have even discussed both situations mentioned above datibg well as with my therapist. Another employee dated a patient and married them They both were married prior I would hold back until they have been discharged.

THat being said my aunt met my uncle while he was in the hospital after he was in a car accident and broke many things. Jan 22, '05 by Blackbird Curleysue, that's a gorgeous story me,ber good for you! It proves that nurses are human and that sound judgements can be made. My aptient married her patient. They have three kids, a house, a mortgage and two cats. He came in with two broken legs from a skiing accident and three months into caring from him requested that she be moved to another department because they were falling in love.

She was up front, honest and took the possible consequences on the chin. She had a good reputation, was a respected practitioner and when patiebt wedding datung held, half the staff attended and a good time was had by all. I love being human sometimes.

Don't cross the line: Respecting professional boundaries​​​

No-dating rules for doctors and nurses

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